Parrillo, Allegra, M.D.


Cranston, Rhode Island


College of the Holy Cross
Major in Biology; Concentration in Biochemistry

Medical School

Brown University


East Hampton


Maternal Child Health

Parrillo, Allegra, M.D.
Dr. Allegra ParrilloWhy did I choose Middlesex?

I loved how the residency appeared to be one big family and valued every individual, instead of treating employees as numbers. The four year curriculum fit perfectly with my plans as an aspiring Family Physician, and I appreciate the ability to cater electives towards my interests.

About my track and future goals… 

After residency, I will hopefully be serving a rural underserved community as part of the Student to Service National Health Scholars Program. I plan on practicing full spectrum FM, providing superb primary care to my patients, including urgent care and obstetrics. After my commitment is complete, I hope to move to Wisconsin to continue practicing full spectrum FM.

When I’m not on call I’m...

Going to Mystic or Block Island, hiking, cooking, or relaxing with friends and family! 

A fun fact or two about me… 

Although my middle sister, Aria, and I have musical names, we do not play any musical instruments, but we love playing softball and basketball together. I enjoy doing small improvement projects, and my fiancé and I just recently finished renovating a fixer upper by ourselves!