Wallach, Nadav, M.D.


Tel Aviv, Israel and Sydney, Australia


University of Sydney
Major in Physiology

Medical School

Ben-Gurion University





Wallach, Nadav, M.D.
Nadav FunWhy did I choose Middlesex?

I recall finishing the interview and immediately telling my partner: “this is a perfect family-medicine residency program”. From the wide range of tracks of excellence, being an unopposed program, the wonderful faculty and residents I met during the interview, the focus on pediatric training and the diverse patient population are but a few key characteristics that drew me to Middlesex Health.

About my track and future goals…

Currently, I have my eyes on the integrative medicine and the global & community health tracks.

When I’m not on call I’m…

Checking out the local stand-up comedy scene, meeting friends and family along the New York-Middletown-Boston stretch, swimming, playing tennis, exploring the local trails. 

A fun fact or two about me…

I have been to the highest and lowest places on earth! I also play the violin.