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Residency Rotation ScheduleOur educational program is designed to strike the right balance between practical experience and academics, independence and supervised study, office practice and hospital care, biomedical and psychosocial issues, personal medical care and community care, and core requirements and self-directed learning. We’ve designed the curriculum as a combination of block rotations and longitudinal experiences.

Block rotations serve well as immersion experiences in procedure-oriented content areas or where an episode of care lasts several days. Most of these occur at Middlesex Hospital, but selected rotations occur at nearby major academic institutions. Our curriculum includes six additional block rotations beyond those commonly found in traditional family medicine residency programs—three in pediatrics and three focusing on practice management.

Other subjects are better learned through periodic exposure over longer periods of time. In addition to the office experience, these include geriatrics, maternity care, behavioral health, and community medicine—disciplines where long-term doctor-patient relationships are an important part of the educational experience. 

A unique element made possible by our four year curriculum is our Tracks of Excellence. Each resident has seven blocks of time available to them during their third and fourth year of training to explore areas of personal passion for future practice need. This time can be taken in blocks or extended longitudinally over the two years. Residents continue to care for their continuity patients in the office and hospital during this time and attend our weekly conferences.

Download the Rotation Schedule