Huang, Timothy, M.D.


Great Neck, NY


Northwestern University

Medical School

Rush Medical College


East Hampton



Huang, Timothy, M.D.
Why Middlesex?

I chose Middlesex because the residents and faculty during the interview (even via Zoom) seemed genuinely happy! I wanted to make sure I would be at a program that prioritized a healthy and a supportive learning environment in addition to resident wellness.

Track and future goals...

My heart is set on serving underserved populations! When it comes to Family Medicine, I'm interested in many things including exploring sports medicine, integrative medicine, academics, lifestyle medicine and behavioral health.

Not on call I’m…

Exploring new shenanigans and experiences which can include new hikes, trivia, board games, restaurants, desserts, karaoke, comedy shows, petting zoos, etc. I’m open to trying anything!

Fun Fact...

The best peach I ever had was in 2019 at the Qingjing Farm in Taiwan and I have been chasing that experience ever since. I also have a strong dislike of pickles.