Ryan, Taryn, M.D.


Northborough, Massachusetts


The Pennsylvania State University
Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Medical School

University of Massachusetts


East Hampton



Ryan, Taryn, M.D.
Why did I choose Middlesex?

I really loved my interview with the program and could tell everyone was genuinely happy here, which was so refreshing! I was prioritizing finding a program where the environment was conducive to resident mental health and getting a great comprehensive education.

About my track and future goals…

My ideal job would split my time between outpatient primary care and sports medicine. I love the balance of complex outpatient management as well as the procedural aspect of ultrasound-guided injections.

When I’m not on call I’m…

Playing with my dogs, hiking, trying to be outside, exploring local restaurants, or in the gym!

A fun fact or two about me…

In between my first and second year of medical school I took a 60 day road trip around the country and visited 38 states and 22 national parks.