Hagglund, Danielle, D.O.




McDaniel College
Major in Psychology

Medical School

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University




Personalized Track

Hagglund, Danielle, D.O.
Why did I choose Middlesex?

The four year curriculum presented the opportunity to delve into my interests while ensuring a depth and breadth of education within family medicine. On my interview day, I was also very impressed with the respect and humanism that seemed to permeate everything from policy to daily communication. Later, I learned it wasn't just for show!

About my track and future goals…

I'm currently interested in LGBTQ+ care, as well as several topics within behavioral health.

When I’m not on call I’m…

Spending time outside, hanging out with family, catching up on Netflix, or cooking up an ambitious and overelaborate dinner.

A fun fact or two about me…

My first language was Swedish.