Gale, Jessica, D.O.


South Windsor, Connecticut


California State University at Long Beach
Major in Dance

Medical School

University of the Incarnate Word





Gale, Jessica, D.O.
Gale FunWhy did I choose Middlesex?

After spending a month here at the beginning of 4th year, I coudn't not choose Middlesex. I was drawn to the 4 year curriculum and the space it builds into training. More so, it was really the people here that convinced me this was the place I could be challenged and supported to grow into the physician I hope to be. And, after living in South Texas for the past 4 years, I had no doubts this move would feel like coming home.

About my track and future goals…

As a long time yoga teacher, daily meditator and proponent of OMM, it follows that I have a strong interest in Integrative Medicine. As far as the future... I chose Family Medicine for the breadth of training, and I hope to practice that way in whatever environment I am so called. 

When I’m not on call I’m…

In the woods with my dog, ideally avoiding both Lyme disease and bears, working out at home, meditating, cooking something probably very ugly and very delicious, sitting on the deck, listening to audiobooks, knitting...  

A fun fact or two about me…

I think I have the absolute coolest siblings anyone could have, and I could talk your ear off about them! I also make a great Sage Brown Butter sauce, and take some pretty great dog photos.