Gates, Kristin, M.D.


Chicago, Illinois


Xavier University

Medical School

George Washington University


Portland Family Medicine


Behavioral Medicine

Gates, Kristin, M.D.

Dr. Gates came to our program with a passion for cultural competency in the care of underserved populations, and she pursued that passion throughout her time at Middlesex. Her Track of Excellence focused on the behavioral aspects of care of the underserved. She was involved in a number of scholarly projects during residency, including leadership of a highly successful community pilot study of the use of nurse health coaches and home blood pressure monitors in improving the control of resistant hypertensive patients. She gave two national presentations in the areas of hospital readmission rate reduction and screening and diagnosis of adolescent depression. She built a national network on mentors to support her work, including Dr. Kathleen Klink at the Robert Graham Center in Washington D.C., with whom she worked during a prestigious national fellowship that will result in a publication. After graduation Dr. Gates continued her commitment to care for the underserved by joining the medical staff of the StayWell Community Health Center in Waterbury, Connecticut, where she provides a broad range of services to a multicultural population. Her long-term career goal is to combine clinical care with teaching public health and community medicine.