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Integrative Medicine Track

Track Leader: Justin Caskey, D.O.


This track is designed to meet the needs of residents seeking to incorporate the philosophies, techniques and a variety of therapeutic modalities into their future practice.

The opportunity exists to complete the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Educational objectives:

By the end of the track the resident will be able to:

  • Evaluate and recommend a variety of approaches to disease prevention and disease management in addition to allopathic medicine, including neutraceuticals, herbal therapies, manipulative therapies, homeopathy, traditional therapies, energy therapies and spirituality.
  • Integrate conventional and alternative modalities effectively
  • Identify and utilize competent community resources offering expert care across the spectrum of complementary therapies
  • Focus in depth on a limited number of complementary modalities
  • Interpret and evaluate evolving evidence to support or not support complementary strategies and recommendations
  • Provide holistic, comprehensive, patient focused care
  • Learn strategies for self-care

Core curricular components:

  • Management of continuity patients in the office practice
  • Participation in the Integrative Medicine Consultation Service
  • Work with a variety of alternative health providers in and out of the Middletown area
  • Participation in scholarly projects involving Integrative Medicine
  • Training Programs including the University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine
  • Mentored supervision and teaching of medical students and fellow residents

Participants in this track may travel to other locations for some experiences.