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Global and Community Health Track

O'Callahan 2015Track Leader: Cliff O'Callahan, M.D., Ph.D.

This track is designed to meet the needs of residents planning to incorporate local and international global health activities into their later academic and/or practice careers.

This track is customized for each particular resident’s need based on a period of reflection and discussion in the first elective block so that each later elective is designed for their unique needs. Some will concentrate on domestic underserved, immigrant and refugee populations, disaster response, and travel medicine while others will place more emphasis on international preparedness with an emphasis on creating empowerment and competence among our partners.

Clinical immersion experiences will be an integral part of this track, primarily in the last two years and once the candidate has completed all of the in-country programmatic objectives. Our Sayaxche Guatemala Partnership allows one to analyze systems of care within Ministry of health as well as community health worker settings. The Rwanda Partnership experience at the main teaching hospital in Kigali is more of a hands-on intense hospital based rotation.

Educational objectives


By the end of the track the resident will be able to:

  • Be able to provide high quality and ethically sound medical care in any medically challenged region.
  • Be cognizant of the resources available to those working in global health settings, local or international.
  • Analyze and evaluate programs, NGOs, and resources for their utility in providing culturally competent quality health care.
  • Practice, if desired, and teach involvement in truly collaborative and ethically sound long-term partnerships with communities of need with the intent to improve health.
  • Participate in short term humanitarian or relief operations using advanced clinical and non-clinical skills pertinent to the situation in an ethically sound manner.

Core curricular components

  • Multimedia self-paced curriculum on basic and tropical diseases.
  • Longitudinal discussion on global health issues.
  • Time to visit, interview, and possibly work with domestic service providers of care to the US underserved – Indian Health Service, Community Health Center (e.g. homeless outreach work), IRIS refugee center in New Haven etc.
  • Opportunity to participate in a variety of intensive courses that are on-line or live (disaster management, tropical medicine, or advocacy).
  • Opportunity to participate in an intensive immersion experience through our partner NGO, Concern America, to Guatemala and/or to our University of Rwanda Partnership site in the main teaching hospital in Kigali.

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