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Van Siclen, Mary Beth, M.D.

Fourth Year Resident

Van Siclen, Mary Beth, M.D.
Exeter, Rhode Island
University of Pittsburgh
Medical School
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Middletown Family Medicine
Global and Community Health

Van Siclen CasualWhy did I choose Middlesex?

From the moment I interviewed at Middlesex Hospital, I was impressed with the sense of community. The residents, the Middlesex Family Medicine faculty, and indeed everyone in the hospital – from doctors to nurses to PCTs to environmental staff – all seemed to know each other and treated each other with respect and friendliness. Since I’ve been a part of this program, I’ve been grateful to become a part of the community. Walking through the hospital or the clinic, I can’t go more than a short distance before I meet with a smile, or someone asking me how I’m doing, or someone asking to see a picture of my baby. It’s nice to be part of the family!

About my track and future goals...

I am in the global health track, and my long-term goal is to spend some time doing (and teaching) medicine overseas, likely in Malawi or a neighboring country. I was in the Peace Corps in Malawi and love the Malawian culture and people and language. I am working to learn the broad-spectrum medicine while in residency that would be so useful in the developing world

When I'm not on call, I'm...

Playing with my baby! She was born during my second year of residency, in May 2016. She comes to many residency events. Otherwise, when I have time, I cook, I read, I garden, I paint, and I go watch my husband perform (he plays sax/flute/EWI/guitar/mandolin, or whatever instrument he can get his hands on).

A fun fact or two about me...

I have synesthesia.