Saleem, Yasir, D.O.


Manchester, Connecticut


University of Connecticut
Major in Molecular and Cell Biology

Medical School

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine


East Hampton Family Medicine


Hospital Medicine

Saleem, Yasir, D.O.

Saleem FunWhy did I choose Middlesex?

I choose Middlesex because it was an unopposed residency program that was committed not only to Primary Care but to the happiness of its residents. I fell in love with how happy and understanding all the staff were. I became quickly convinced that the environment created at Middlesex was a perfect balance between all the important factors in a residency program. As an added bonus the four year curriculum allows the flexibility to mold my training to my interests ensuring that I will always love coming to work

About my track and future goals...

I have always had a passion for teaching and love being in a situation where I can help others grow around me. Therefore, when I arrived at Middlesex I was strongly considering pursuing the Academic/Leadership Track. However, during my first year of residency I found I truly loved hospital medicine and I have decided to concentrate in that area.

When I'm not on call, I'm...

Civil war re­enacting, live action role ­playing (LARPing), at the local Ren Faire, or participating in a haunted house (if it’s the right season). No, I am not joking. I love to lose myself in the moment and be able to spend a weekend away from daily life. It is a great time to be able to step away and be in a different world and time for 48 hours. On top of that I love to go biking, and am an avid gamer. It is possible you may also find me reading up on the latest news from around the world or catching up on the technology rumors of the day.

A fun fact or two about me...

I absolutely love my Ren Faire costume and am working on a new one. I hope to end up with a handful that I can choose from at any given time. I have been writing poetry for well over 10 years and have completed over 100 poems.