Paul, Philip, M.D., Chief Resident


Johannesburg, South Africa


Baylor University
Major in Health Sciences

Medical School

Texas Tech University




Global Health

Paul, Philip, M.D., Chief Resident

Paul Fun

Why did I choose Middlesex?

The people and the system. When I interviewed here, I met faculty and residents who convinced me that not only were my goals attainable but that I would have the support to really enjoy working every day. I was looking for full-spectrum training. The fourth year and tracks offered what other programs could not in ensuring competence in the niche I desired. Also, coming from the South (of the world and then of the US - refer to picture to see how culturally confused I am) I fell for the hospitable culture of the community.

About my track and future goals…

My dream has been to be a global missionary doctor. Through various experiences, I have witnessed the marginalization of women's and children's health in impoverished countries. Being able to address these issues is what drew me to family medicine. My unique goal in training here is to become comfortable and proficient in obstetrics (potentially including operative delivery) and pediatric care...while being able to handle the general adult population. Yes, we can.

When I’m not on call I’m…

Enjoying food, enjoying company or enjoying sleep. I cherish all three of these gifts from God!

A fun fact or two about me…

Before I started college, my family moved 24 times and I attended 10 schools. Also, although Dwight Schrute may disagree: Batman, Bacon, Boston Celtics basketball. If you picked up on that reference we will get along great.