Kelly, Ann, M.D.


Blythewood, South Carolina


The College of Charleston
Major in Biology

Medical School

Medical University of South Carolina


East Hampton Family Medicine



Kelly, Ann, M.D.

Kelly FunWhy did I choose Middlesex?

The program initially caught my attention when meeting the Chief Residents in Kansas City as I learned the vast array of experiences they had with the innovative four year curriculum.  As I reflected on all of my interviews, I kept coming back to Middlesex. I felt strongly about training in a place that prepares residents to enter full spectrum family practice after graduation, while developing my interests in behavioral medicine and public and global health along the way. The support from faculty, residents, and staff make Middlesex an incredible place to learn.

About my track and future goals...

I have always had a strong interest in mental health, and one of the major attractions of this program was the Behavioral Medicine curriculum that all residents partake in. I am interested in exploring this area further as a track option. I am also interested in the Global and Community Health Track.

When I'm not on call I'm...

Exploring! My fiancé Chris and I love to go hiking, try new breweries and restaurants, or spend time with family in West Hartford.

A fun fact or two about me...

I love to travel and consider myself an amateur foodie! My favorite part about going to new places is experiencing the local cuisine and learning about different cultures through food!