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Desai, Monali, M.D., Co-Chief Resident

Fourth Year Resident

Desai, Monali, M.D., Co-Chief Resident
Elmwood Park, New Jersey
Rutgers University
Medical School
Rutgers University School of Medicine
Portland Family Medicine
Personalized- Medical Humanities and Geriatrics

Desai CasualWhy did I choose Middlesex?

I wanted to go to an unopposed hospital with a more intimate, independent, and community feel. And like many family medicine people, I have minimally 100 different interests and wanted to go to a program that would honor and support that! I was attracted to the thoughtful and innovative curriculum and how open they were to new ideas. And most importantly, I loved the warmth and friendliness of the program and its residents.

About my track and future goals...

My passion project is Medical Humanities (discussing medicine through the lens of literature, film, theater, music, art, etc). I have founded a regular Medical Humanities seminar where residents and faculty can get together and have spirited discussions over food and drinks!

When I'm not on call, I'm...

Making tea, laughing and shooting the breeze with my co-interns/good friends instead of writing notes, binge­watching Netflix, listening to stand­up, curling up and reading (and coaxing others to read with me), making weekly promises to start exercising, quickly becoming a burrito connoisseur, trying new ethnic cuisine (Ethiopian, anyone??), and making Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones references a little too often...

A fun fact or two about me...

I’ll be making up for lost travel time this year with plans to go the Dominican Republic, Iceland, and Spain this year. ­­After that, will be the The Shire in New Zealand!