Borovinskaya, Jenny, D.O.


Brooklyn, NY


Hunter College
Major in Biology

Medical School

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine


East Hampton


Integrative Medicine

Borovinskaya, Jenny, D.O.

Jenny Fun

Why did I choose Middlesex?

I did a rotation at Middlesex during the beginning of my fourth year in medical school, and I had an experience like no other. The environment here was very welcoming and extremely supportive of my goals and interests, even as a student. The program had everything I was looking for—a strong, well-rounded education and experience in all aspects of family medicine, including OMT. The curriculum did not limit exposure to subspecialties like many other 3 year programs. Most importantly, it just felt like home. 

About my track and future goals…

I am very interested in OMT, Integrative Medicine, and procedures. I hope to build a personalized track around these interests. I would ideally like to practice in a suburban or rural setting after I graduate.

When I’m not on call I’m...

Trying to get lost in the wilderness on a hiking trail or on the water in a kayak.

A fun fact or two about me…

I went off-roading in Alaska, and I love to dance, especially to Latin music.