Ahern, Christopher, D.O.


Nyack, New York


Middlebury College
Major in Sociology, Anthropology, and English

Medical School

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine


Portland Family Medicine


Integrative Medicine

Ahern, Christopher, D.O.

Ahern FunWhy did I choose Middlesex?

On interview day I got a very strong sense that this program was really designed to challenge and push its residents to be confident and competent full-­spectrum family physicians. The support and respect and camaraderie that I see come along with those high expectations and challenges is what really made this program stick out to me. It’s an amazing community of very dedicated people; I feel extremely fortunate to be here.

About my track and future goals...

I am currently enrolled in the Integrative Medicine track and am in the midst of the Integrative Medicine Fellowship through the University of Arizona. I'm learning a ton that complements the standard residency curriculum and for me it is a perfect opportunity. Down the road, I hope to work in a community health center and offer osteopathic and integrative medicine to my patients. Way down the road, I’d love to run a clinic by a trout stream with a long lunch break.

When I'm not on call, I'm...

Laughing with my wife and our two kids, visiting family and friends, going on a run with my dog, yoga­ing, hiking, riding bikes and just trying to be outside as much as possible.

A fun fact or two about me...

I can make fire with sticks.