Caskey, Justin, D.O.

Faculty – Portland Office


Fairfield University
Fairfield, Connecticut

Medical School

University of New England
Biddeford, Maine


Middlesex Health
Middletown, Connecticut


University of Arizona
Integrative Medicine


American Board of Family Medicine

Caskey, Justin, D.O.

Caskey CasualDr. Caskey was drawn to a career in family medicine by its holistic approach to patient care and breadth of practice. During residency at Middlesex he sought to further develop his passion for integrative medicine and osteopathic practice. He completed the prestigious University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine. He now combines leadership of Osteopathic and Integrative Medicine aspects of our curriculum with private practice of family medicine.

What I like best about working at Middlesex...

My love for Middlesex will always center around the people. Working with so many kind and caring individuals makes my job both a privilege and a pleasure. I inevitably find myself coming into work and leaving with a smile on my face each and every day.

My favorite thing to do with residents is...

Collaborating with young physicians to explore and develop their passion for heath and wellness beyond that of the traditional allopathic curriculum. Teaching residents how traditional and integrative medicine are not mutually exclusive, but instead synergistic, is simply the best. I love helping to fuel a resident's innate thirst for knowledge and assist with carving out one's niche in preparation for clinical practice. 

What I do for fun...

I'm always doing something athletic; soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, running, swimming and kayaking are my favorites. I am an absolute beach bum and spend as much time as I can soaking up rays and enjoying the peace and tranquility of the ocean.